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We offer all our guests pleasant, cozy accommodations – indoor/outdoor runs for the wild & woolly, and several different indoor areas for the small, the bashful, or the elderly.

All dogs get plenty of time outdoors with a full range of activities. There are energetic playgroups for the highly social and active. There are individual play yards for pets that prefer one-on-one love and play time with a person. Finally, there are peaceful pasture walks for the elderly, blind, or special needs pets.

For our feline friends, we have a wonderful sunny bay window, excellent for snoozing in the sun or climbing the cat tree inside. There's also a fantastic kitty cave and bright cheery room full of plants perfect for playing jungle kitty.

We also love to board bunnies, birds, ferrets and any other small animals that you might have.

Veterinarians have helped us design the best possible feeding schedules for our guests – feeding schedules that complement their individual play and exercise schedules.

Are pets happy staying with us?? Look at their faces!

Are pet guardians happy leaving their pets with us?? Read their comments!

Boarding Fees
Boarding Fees which include Doggie Play Care for dogs depend on type and size of pet and vary with the different seasons and holidays.

Discounts range from 15% to 35% off and are based on length of stay, number of pets from the same family and number of stays per 12 month period. Please discuss rates when making your reservations. Fees for special services can be discussed on an individual basis.

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